Why We Need To Educate!

People with alternative sexualities and alternative relationship styles tend to be misunderstood by the wider public, and part of this is because most of them are "in the closet" due to fear of the repercussions of those misunderstandings. We also tend to do all our educating in "safe space", with interest groups of people who have come into our communities and are already exploring there. However, nothing is going to change in the spaces outside our communities unless some brave people step forward to do the explaining, preferably before it is done for us by media outlets who are more interested in ratings than truth. If we do not educate outside our comfort zone, the world will never come to a more comfortable place with us.

It is also true that seeing real human beings with faces talking about their lives is more effective than simply reading something anonymous from a book or website. That's the purpose of this site: to create a resource for groups to find speakers who are near them or willing to travel. Some groups who might be interested in speakers on BDSM and power dynamic relationships might be:

  • Colleges and universities with sexuality, medical, health care, and social work programs who would like their students to be prepared for clients in all walks of life.
  • Therapists and health care professionals who would like to become kink-aware so as to better serve their clients.
  • Kink-aware professionals who would like to learn about kinks they haven't yet dealt with.
  • Conferences for health care and therapy professionals.
  • Social workers and law enforcement professionals who want to understand the issues better.
  • General sexuality conferences who want a sensitive voice about these matters.
  • Sacred sexuality conferences and gatherings who want to know how these lifestyles fit into spiritual growth.
  • Alternative relationship conferences that need realistic voices about power dynamic relationships.
  • Religious groups and conferences with sexuality programming who want to know how this fits into their theology and values.
  • Groups of family members who want to understand why other family members are drawn to these lifestyles.
  • At-risk youth groups who need to learn safer techniques.
  • Swingers' groups who want to learn new pleasures.
  • GLBT groups who want to understand the alternative people among them. 
  • Progressive social/political conferences and groups who want to talk about the ethical issues involved.

If your conference or group is interested in finding an educator who is willing to speak on any of these subjects, you can check out the presenter pages, or you can see our What's Your Group page if you have a specific subject in mind. Be aware that the managers of this page cannot vouch for every educator that is listed here. If you host one of our educators and you have a bad experience with them, please email us and let us know what happened.

If you are an educator on BDSM matters and there are specific non-BDSM demographics that you have experience speaking with, please email us with your name, speaking resume, demographics you specialize in, subjects you speak on to those demographics, and classes you can give to them. We are especially interested in finding people who can talk about power dynamic relationships - D/s and M/s - to outside groups.

Last updated July 21, 2012.