Paul Rulof



Great Lakes

Speaking Demographics:

Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Social Workers and Human Service Professionals


Ageplay: Not Just Adult Babies

Many people have the perception that Adult Babies and others who act in a different age category are suffering from something pathological. This discussion, backed by survey, interview, and participant observation data, will provide a foundation of information for you to learn more about ageplay and some of the surrounding fetishes, including diapers, and adult babies. We will look at information on motivations, actions, activities of this population, focusing on destigmatizing these fetish activities and better serving and possibly advising your clients.

Time: 60-90 minutes. Materials Needed: Projector and Screen

Speaking Experience:

Great Lakes Leather (Indianapolis, IN); Orgasm Play (August 2012)

Floating World (New Jersey) From Diapers to Diplomas: An Overview of Ageplay; Condoms in the Crayon Box: Sexual Ageplay; Reveling in and Coping With Jealousy and Envy (August 2012)*

Kinky Karnival (Wichita): Intro to Ageplay & Sexual Ageplay (June 2012)

NE3 (Anchorage, Alaska): Dehumanization, Orgasm Play and Intro to Ageplay (June 2012)

CARAS Alternative Sexualities Conference (Chicago, IL) Ageplay Analysis (May 2012)

Mischief in May (Iowa): Who Do You Think You Are? Using Erotic Roleplay to Deepen and Enhance Scenes, Are You Cumming to this Class? The Explosive Possibilities of Orgasm Play, Condoms in the Crayon Box: Sexual Ageplay (May 2012)

Iron Bell Academy (Astoria, NY): Intro to Ageplay (May 2012)

CAPCon: The Midwest Ageplay Convention (Chicago, IL) Intro to Ageplay; Shame and Guilt (April 2012)

FroliCon (Atlanta, GA): Who’s Your Daddy? A Primer on Caregivers; Condoms in the Crayon Box: Sexual Ageplay; Ageplay Relationships in Real Life, A Roundtable; Negotiation (April 2012)

Madtown Kink Fest (MTKF; Madison, WI): Intro to Ageplay, Who's Your Daddy? (February 2012)

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