Thomas and Rachel Burns

A.K.A. Lord Thomas & Angel L'Amoure


Area: Great Lakes

Speaking Demographics:

  • Psychological Therapists and Medical Professionals
  •  Religious small groups and ministry teams (Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, and others)
  •  Kink friendly organisations, (Swingers, Nudists, LGBTQ, and poly-groups, etc.)
  •  Educational groups
  •  Parents and families, including teens
  •  Private clubs and organizations


  • “Introduction to D/s” (Basic information on Edge Play, Dominance and submission, Power Exchange, etc. )
  • “Polyamory” (Basic fundamentals for vanilla audiences and Poly within the D/s dynamic for Poly groups)
  • “BDSM vs Abuse” (Recognizing the difference between a healthy, Safe, Sane, and Consensual relationship and an abusive one.)
  • “The Seduction of Rope” (Rope bondage as foreplay and the interplay of energy between Top and bottom)
  • “Biblical Submission” (Polygamy and Slavery in the Bible as well as the role of submission in the Judeo-Christian context.)
  • “Sexual Spirituality” (The role of sensuality and energy exchange commonly experienced in sexual relationships, as a tool to connect to "God".)
  • “Fundamentals of Safe, Sane, and Consensual Play and RACK” (Implementing SSE and RACK into private and public encounters to help those entering the lifestyle learn to explore safely within the community.)
  • “Erotic Dance” (For the ladies – How to seduce your partner with erotic dance.)
  • “Psychology of Submission” (The Whys of power exchange and what both Dominants and submissives get out of the relationship.)

Speaking Experience:

Lord Thomas & Angel L'Amoure have performed and presented for a variety of audiences over the past decade. They have been a D/s couple since 2004, part of a polyamorous triad for seven years and married (eachother), in 2011. They are partners in Angel L'Amoure Enterprises, a custom couture clothing company that produces high quality corsetry and Victorian Era accessories. 

They have been contracted by clubs, events, and private parties to perform their high energy, dynamic rope suspensions. Angel also performs as a dancer doing belly dance, burlesque, and other exotic genres as well as picking up the odd modeling work. 

Each of the above topics has been presented at least three times, but most many more times than that.

Last updated July 20, 2012.