Francesca Gentille



Area: San Francisco Bay and beyond


Speaking Demographics: 

  • Women 25 - 65 (usually in transition, seeking, or seeking to be more authentic to themselves)
  • Men 25 - 65  (usually in transition, seeking, or seeking to be more authentic to themselves)
  • College students (usually in psychology, or spirituality, or culture)
  • Therapists and counselors
  • Educators
  • Physicians
  • Neo-Pagans
  • Sex positive communities who are not BDSM oriented


  • “The Use of Power & Surrender to Deepen Intimacy”
  • “The Use of Intense Sensation, Sensory Deprivation, Archeytpe & Energy for Healing from Trauma”
  • “The History, Ritual, and Art of Sacred BDSM”
  • “Divine Dominance & Sacred Submission”
  • “Sexual Shamanism”
  • “The Sacred Courtesan Slave”
  • “Sex Magic; The Passionate Power of Manifestation”
  • “Conscious Polyamory (Polyamory 101)”
  • “Conscious Relating”
  • “Creating & Nurturing Emotional Safety in Alternative Relationships”
  • “Sacred Sexuality – Viva La Romantica: Life, Love, & Intimacy”
  • “Passionate Monogamy”
  • “Tantric Flirting & Dating”
  • “Flirting Italian Style”
  • “Gender, Body Image, & Sexuality for Women”
  • “Becoming the Lover They Never Forget”
  • “Revitalizing Sensuality for New Mothers”
  • “Women of Power; Boundaries & Self-Defense Training”
  • “Tantra and Sacred Sexuality in the Clinical Setting (co-presented with Stephen Braveman)”
  • “Sexual Healing, Shamanism, and Shadow”
  • “Sacred Intimate Dance for Men & Women”
  • “Shamanic Healing Touch”
  • “Shamanic Intimacy Coaching & Bodywork”
  • “Tantra 101”
  • “Cross-Cultural Sacred Sexuality and  the Use of Ritual Role Play For Lovers”

 Speaking Experience:

Nationally recognized relationship coach, communications coach, and sex counselor

AASECT West Coast Section Leader

2008 AASECT Conference Exhibit Chair

Keynote Speaker at Singles Conventions, San Rafael, CA 2007

Keynote Speaker at The National Cougar Convention, Palo Alto, CA 2009

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality in the Clinical Setting (co-presented with Stephen Braveman), AASECT Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2007

Host of the #1 weekly radio show "Sex: Tantra & Kama Sutra" 2006-2010
Host of "Take 2: Movie Reviews" weekly syndicated television show 1983-1985

Award-winning co-author/editor of "The Marriage of Sex & Spirit"
Contributing expert to "Rites of Pleasure"
Contributing expert to "The Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex"

Over 10 years of experience as a relationship, sexuality, health education, cross cultural spirituality, compassionate communication and life counselor for normative and alternative love relationship styles. This has included successful assisting of individuals, and couples. Presenting problems have included such things as pre-orgasmic conditions in women, erectile difficulties, painful intercourse, orgasm dysfunction, sexual desire discrepancy in couple, emotional disconnects, communication challenges, childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual trauma.

She conducts workshops and trainings on couples’ communication, relationship enhancement techniques, flirting and dating techniques for singles, and the use of cross cultural sacred sexuality to support intimacy & healing. She has taught & presented extensively at public forums across the country.

Last updated July 20, 2012.