How Do I Get Into This?

If you're a BDSM  or M/s presenter who is already an experienced educator within the various BDSM and M/s communities, and you'd like to expand your presenting to outside demographics, here's how to get started:


1) Be OK with being out. Once you step out of the BDSM demographic, you can forget about being closeted.

2) Figure out your audience. What non-BDSM folks do you understand well, know their language, know how to talk to them? What other demographics are you already experienced in dealing with, preferably because you belong to them? For whom would you *not* be an effective speaker?

3) Figure out what you'd like to say to each audience, and figure out how best to say it to each unique group - what are their values and assumptions likely to be? What would their fears be around the subject? How would you quickly allay them and not make them worse, early on the the presentation? What language tdo they speak, and are you comfortable speaking it? What terms do you use that could be easily misunderstood or might sound offensive? One good way to do this is to ask for help - have a few people from that demographic agree to come and be your test audience, and give feedback afterwards. I've found that to be very helpful, especially when dealing with extremely sensitive demographics. If you don't know anyone, advertising at the local college for people studying in that demographic is a good way to get a free audience.

4) Title each talk/class/workshop in a way that would speak to that demographic. It's OK to have versions of the same workshop with different titles for different demographics.

5) Do outreach to that demographic, if appropriate. This website is going to be part of that outreach. Some organizations, of course, don't respond well to being sent flyers about this sort of thing, but you never know. Sending a discreet flyer to the department heads of relevant university divisions, for example, letting them know that you are here and what you do, can actually work well. You can send a flyer (email or paper) to group leaders or conference organizers in those demographics as well. The worst that they're likely to do is ignore you.

6) Send your name, contact info, the general area you'll travel to, the demographics who are your most effective audience, a list of topics/classes/workshops, and your speaking credentials to our email and we will add you to the site.

Last updated July 20, 2012.