Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

Contact: cauldronfarm@hotmail.com



Area: New England, and beyond with travel reimbursement.


Speaking Demographics:

  • Sex/spirituality conferences/groups
  • GLBT conferences/groups
  • Polyamory conferences/groups
  • Progressive religious groups
  • Therapists/mental health professionals
  • Health care professionals
  • Human service professionals
  • College students
  • Progressive social/political and/or feminist groups


  • “Power Dynamics for Political Radicals: How Master/Slave Relationships Can Be Ethical And Subversive”
  • “Pagan Polyamory”
  • “Polyamory In A Power Dynamic”
  • “Spiritual BDSM”
  • “The Yin/Yang and the Tree: Living A Spiritual Power Dynamic”
  • "Double Edge: BDSM and Transgender"
  • "It's Not What You Think It Is: Realistic Master/Slave Relationships"

Speaking Experience:

Voted Presenters of the Year 2011 by Masters and Slaves Together

Speaking on BDSM Spirituality for 15 years internationally, at conferences and small events.

Speaking on Master/Slave Relationships for 6 years, at conferences and small events.

Speaking on Polyamory for 15 years at conferences and small events.

Speaking on Transgender topics for 15 years everywhere.

Last updated July 20, 2012.