Suspension Ritual

Reprinted from "Dark Moon Rising" (Buy at

This is a ritual to be used for going up on flesh hooks.
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One individual has to be the Challenger and take on the priestly role. Ideally, it should not be whoever is doing the actual piercing, because both parties need unbroken concentration. The Seeker stands naked before the Challenger and the instruments of pain.

Challenger: I am Death, and Pain, and Suffering, and Loss. I am the bottom point of the abyss that you are teetering over at this moment. I am the Guardian of the point beyond which few have the courage to endure. Know me, and fear me. You seek to enter My realm, and I rule here.

Answer me - Who owns your body? Your flesh that will tear, your blood that will spill, your bones that can break, your nerves that can be tortured, your heart that can be stopped, your brain that can be destroyed? Who owns your body?

Seeker: You do.

Challenger: Who can bring you screaming in agony to that dark place within you, suspended between past and future, nothingness and communion, whether you will it or not? Who is stronger than pride or ego or fantasy or reputation or experience or hope?

Seeker: You are.

Challenger: And who is stronger than me?

Seeker: I am.

Challenger: Will you surrender, for this time, to My path? Will you ride with me into the dark places, to discover both your helplessness and your power? Will you embrace pain and weakness in order to discover your strength? Will you rise up and fly in order to fall in to the deep places? Will you follow me down, and find your way up and out?

Seeker: I will.

Challenger: The place where you stand is holy ground. Those who watch over you, who will guide you through the depths and into the heights, deserve the gift of your suffering. Will you dedicate some part of your pain as an offering to Them?

Seeker: I will.

Challenger: Come forward, then, and enter into My realm.