Joshua's Contract

(We're putting it up as an example of a structure for spiritual D/s after seeing nothing but impractical, fetishy "slave contracts" online.)
Contractual Service Obligations for Raven's Boy
Called Joshua Allen T [1],
In Service to Raven Kaldera Regis,
King of Asphodel and Lord of Cauldron Farm

Having held to the former edition of this contract for a year and a day [2], and having decided with all due deliberation to renew it again for this coming year, Raven Kaldera Regis, King of Asphodel, hereby accepts again Raven's Boy, called Joshua Allen T, into his service for the period of one year and one day. During this period of service, Joshua will submit his person and himself to the mastery of his Lord.

With this contract, we enter into a sacred partnership of mastery and submission. Joshua will formally undertake the path of spiritual service to Raven and, through him, to the Gods. Raven will take on the responsibility of gracious acceptance and honorable use of the gift Joshua offers to him; he will strive always to be worthy of Joshua's trust, and to be above malice and pettiness. We both submit ourselves to the Gods for judgment should we fail in our trust.

We desire that virtue, honor, and integrity will be a significant part of our relationship. Therefore, we agree that the virtues of trust, honesty, openness, loyalty, and honor will be fundamental to Joshua's service to Raven, and also to Raven's care of Joshua. Joshua will not be required to do anything unethical, dishonorable, or against the edicts of his gods. Should he behave dishonestly or dishonorably, Raven may declare the contract null and void, and choose to release him from this service. In counterpart, should Raven act with repeated and unrepentant dishonor and disregard for Joshua's well-being, Joshua can declare this contract null and void, since he cannot honorably serve a dishonorable master.

Joshua will be an integral part of the Cauldron Farm family, clan, and household. His needs will be taken into consideration at family meetings. He will treat each member of the household with the respect and deference due to their position. He will always have a place in our bed, under our roof, at our table, and in our hearts. Raven will have the following ownership rights over Joshua: