Mastery and Slavery Prayer Beads

Sometimes both masters and slaves (or others in consensual power-dynamics) need to remind themselves who and what they are, and why they got into this, and find the strength to keep moving forward even in hard times. These nondenominational prayer beads are a good meditative tool for every day as well. Written without religious language, they can be used by anyone of any faith or none. They are $25 plus $5 shipping within the US. (International shipping is $20-$25.) The Mastery prayer beads are 10mm while the Slavery prayer beads are 8mm. Both come with prayers.


Excerpts from the Mastery Prayer:

Mastery Prayerbeads

 Repeating Beads:

  1. My mind is clear, and I can see the goal for both of us.
  2. My spirit burns with passion, but my wrath is under control.
  3. My heart is full of compassion for those under my care.
  4. My life is lived with honor and integrity in the face of conflict.

Second Section – My Self:

  1. Every order I give will come from a clean place.
  2. I have the courage and confidence to take on this great responsibility.
  3. I am constantly working to understand myself and my motivations.
  4. I recognize and appreciate my emotions, but they do not rule my actions.
  5. I respect what is greater than my own desires.

Excerpts from the Slavery Prayer:

Slavery Prayerbeads

Repeating Beads:

  1. My mind is clear, and I strive for excellence.
  2. My spirit has the courage to surrender.
  3. My heart is calm, serene, and open to joy.
  4. My life is lived on a path of discipline and service.

Second section – My Duties:

  1. I will strive for a positive attitude, even when fulfilling duties I don’t want to do.
  2. I can set aside my ego, and be peaceful when my work is not always recognized.
  3. I have the strength to follow commands for that which does not come easily or naturally.
  4. I recognize and appreciate my emotions, but they do not rule my actions or ruin my service.
  5. I will find a path of mindfulness and tranquility in the most boring work.